Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This little item was in my house tonight (well this a picture from the computer but it was the same),as I was going up my stairs he was on the edge of the little landing/shelf that is over the stairwell (see below: where 2 pumpkins were placed):

Yes that is a scorpion. Only the 2nd I have had to deal with in the 8 years we have lived here. Not bad considering we do live on the edge of the mountains, in the desert. But YUCK! And Dangerous.

So I quicky smashed it with this:

Yes, I know, lovely Top-Siders should never be treated so poorly but I had no choice, they were in my hand going upstairs to the closet.

I am hoping and assuming this little creature made its way into my humble abode over the weekend when I went to the storage unit and got out all of my Halloween items and brought them inside and decorated for Halloween. Perhaps he had been in the storage unit. Again, YUCK!

So then I quickly went into the garage and got some of this:

and spread it around the front yard, sidewalk, front stoop and in the garage at the entrys. I swear, one week it is a mouse in the garage and now this, honestly I am a clean person!!

BTW--the mouse, I thought I had trapped it long ago--I saw it last week!! So I got some poison in those little packets and put three of them out in the garage. By the next day all 3 had been consumed. So I am thinking any day now---dead mouse (or mice). GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!!


Laura said...

Oh, gosh! I think I would have to MOVE!!! Too scary!

Madras and Martinis said...

Hi Bama Girl, I tagged you on my blog to list 7 random/weird things about yourself. Hope you can play along. Love your blog.