Monday, September 15, 2008


OK I might just be really proud since she is my daughter, but....Sofia is reallly good at soccer! The coaches have called her their power forward and made several comments about her being really fast and really strong legs. She is the oldest on the team though, so that makes a bit of difference. The ages are 3-4. She really did good. Listened well to the coaches, stayed pretty active and only cried once when she collided into someone's head. The coach was very nice and gave her a hug. Lots of videos attached to make Daddy and the Grandparent's happy! They chose the team name of "Tigers" though Sofia wanted to be the dolphins. Anyway, the first game is Saturday morning and we are the snack familythis week. Have a great night!!


Inspired Kara said...

This is adorable! I played soccer for ONE season as a child. I also only scored one goal, for the other team. Whoops!

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Laura said...

She looks like a pro!! You can tell she really loves it. I wish Alise could have played this year!!

I can't help but laugh at the little girl in the pink dress! A dress at soccer practice?

Laura said...

BTW, did you get the Gymboree boots?