Saturday, September 20, 2008

Go Chivas

What is a Chiva? All I know is that I think it is a professional soccer team name and I guess all of the teams had to be given their official name by the YMCA so Sofia's team is the Chivas. Anywho, the 1st game was today and it is supposed to be 3 x 3 and the kids rotate out and take turns playing. Well, that was not the case. Sofia's team only had 5 players come to the game today so that meant less break time and then 2 of the 5 really did not want to play, so Sofia played the entire 45 minute game!! The other team, the Dynamo, bless their heart, they only had 3 people come to the game and one did not play at all, one had a bloody nose the 1st half and so that meant this one sweet little boy played the entire time basically by himself, with help from some our team members and the coach. Darn, hope it goes better next week.

Now for the most important question of the day.....Who scored the first (and most) goal for the Chivas? Go ahead, take a guess.....that's know it.....SOFIA!!!!!!!

She scored three goals in under 2 minutes to be exact!!

The second most important question..Who scored the last goal of the game? Why Sofia of course!

She did really great and had a really good time! THe uniform is huge on her, but not the matching hair ribbon! She drank a ton of water and I had to keep pouring it on her head too. Because it was of course HOT! She played at 9am and it was low 90's! UGH, where is FALL???

So I think her team probably won, but they really don't keep up with that. Needless to say she had a great time and we gave out goody bags to everyone--even the other team! I had made 8 for her team but combined, both teams had 8 so we shared with everyone.

Hint: Sofia woke up this morning and said, "it hurts when I drink or swallow" while pointing at her throat.

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badgermama said...

chivas = "little goats"

They're very cute!