Friday, September 5, 2008

Yummy, Yummy Peas in Sofia's Tummy

Ok so many of you know that Sofia does not eat ANY fruits or vegetables EXCEPT black olives and I really don't think they have much value so, it is forever a struggle at our house. Now, admittedly, mom has difficulty sticking things out and following through, but I am really trying to make an effort. So last Monday, I made a chicken casserole and then asked Sofia to pick which veggie she wanted and she of course said none, so I picked peas. I then showed her that if you eat the peas with the other stuff she liked (chicken and cream of chicken soup in the casserole) then you would not even taste the peas. Well, after tears and a fuss she consumed 2 peas. Yes, 2--that is huge. So on Tuesday, we had leftovers and she consumed 3 peas, in the same fashion--hidden with the chicken and still crying. On Wednesday, she consumed 4 peas with macaroni and cheese. Yesterday we took a break and she had chicken nuggets and she asked, hey, where are the peas! So I told her we could have them today and she advised that she had to have 5 today. So big improvement at our house.

Also, last night she ate a whole lot of those Veggi Chips--they are salted and sort of taste like really airy regular chips. She loved them. They are made from like spinach and tomoato powder or something. Anyway, it was sort of a veggie.

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Laura said...

Congrats, Whitney!! Check out my blog!