Friday, October 4, 2013

5 on Friday - First time to play along

Hello Friday! This week I'm playing along with the 5 on Friday Gang!

1. I am totally in love with my monogrammed chevron scarf I got here. In fact, I wore it all the time last weekend - Vegas, Zion and Page! See:

2. What will I do without Breaking Bad in my life? So sad it's over but I loved the way it ended!
3. I'm super happy I've gotten my October Meal Planning taken care of! You can read about that here.

4. I'm SO excited it is fall but also know that lots of big things are happening. Honey's birthday (that I have to get busy planning on), Sofia's birthday and both of Honey's boys birthdays are in the fall. Of course then you add in Halloween, Thanksgiving, a possible relocation and who knows what else might pop up! So time to buckle down and get busy with some plans! Thank goodness for Pinterest!

5. Last week we got in trouble from our HOA for having a garden flag in the front yard with an Alabama flag on it. Apparently no free-standing flag poles allowed. Seriously?

That's it for me! Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


InsLady said...

Loved Breaking Bad!! Seriously, a free-standing causes trouble in the neighborhood...Get a life HOA!! Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

Are you sure HOA isn't an Auburn fan?

The Mrs. said...

OKay I am doing this on Friday. do I do it??! LOL