Monday, October 7, 2013

Meal Planning Monday - review and what's on for this week

So happy it is time to share again with Meal Plan Monday!
Last week I shared with you how I plan for a month at a time. That post can be found here.

Let's see how last week went!

I grocery shopped for 2 weeks of ingredients (after I shopped my cupboards) - but only 1 week of fruits and veggies (not enough space to store them). My total spent was $126. I shopped for everything except meat at Walmart. I haven't yet worked up to couponing. I'm getting there.

  • Korean Beef and Rice - this was a HIT!!

  • Crispy Chicken thighs with Pesto Pasta - this was a HIT!!

  •  Spicy Chicken Baked Tacos - this was a HIT!! and the next few days a HUGE HIT as leftover nachos!

  • Chiptole Steak Salad - this was PRETTY GOOD!! Ease up on the chipotle peppers if you don't LOVE spice! Also go with low fat mayo.

  • Crock Pot Jambalaya - this was a MISS!! Everything got really soggy. Too much thyme as well.

All of these can be found here. 

This week I am changing up a few things because Honey is traveling so my week looks like:

  • Monday - leftovers, Honey is traveling
  • Tuesday - Lazy Day Casserole

  • Wednesday - leftovers, Honey is traveling
  • Thursday - Buffalo Turkey balls (still deciding on a side)
  • Friday - Burgers
  •  Saturday - brisket on our Big Green Egg

  • Sunday - Mexican Lasagne

Again, all of the recipes can be found on my October Meal Plan board.

Hope you have a delicious week!

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Laura said...

I've been wanting to try a version of the backed tacos, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.