Sunday, October 27, 2013

Monster Ball

I took Sofia and her friend Anabelle to our local Community Center for the annual Monster Ball. The kids enjoyed some games, dancing, a zombie graveyard and of course, a costume contest.

I've always made Sofia's costumes, so I was very happy this year when she said she wanted to be a peacock. I was happy to craft this costume!

We used an already existing gymnastics leotard, picked up some leggings from Walmart and purchased tulle to make her tutu from Walmart as well.

I ordered feathers from Amazon. Have you ever tried to buy peacock feathers at Joanne's, etc? They are $3+ per feather. Crazy!! I used a little cardboard to attach the feathers to and then disguised the card board with craft feathers and used ribbon to attach it to her back.

The mask came from Amazon as well. I must say, it was actually rather easy to put this one together!

She was super excited for the costume contest and I'm happy to report that she won!!! She walked away with a $10 gift card and a bunch of candy.


Kitty and June said...

Amazing costume!! Way to go mom!! :)

Laura said...

You did an A-MAZing job on Fia's costume!! Love, love, love it! Happy Halloween!

Laura said...

I tried to email you back about the LSU/Bama party post, but of course it came back! Anyhoo, I just wanted to let you know that I wish you were coming, too! Maybe one day! Hope you're having a good week!