Friday, October 11, 2013

5 on Friday

So happy to link back up with The Good Life, A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm and Hello! Happiness for Five on Friday.

I have been a crazy workout machine this week! Two (that's 2) workouts every single day! Combine Orange Theory classes with a ton of cardio and I ache from my neck to my knees! However, my skinny jeans fit better today! I've also documented all of my calories. Including those 40 calorie Fudge Popsicles.

It rained and turned fall-ish in Phoenix this week! It was amazing! The windows have been open since Thursday morning! We also  had to snuggle under the down comforter!

I finally got out the spray paint and did a little Halloween work at my house! I may also now be in love with metallic spray paints! Gold and silver loveliness!! These still need a little work. 

On the note of fall, soccer starts this week for Sofia as well as Girl Scouts! Super excited about both! 

Thinking a lot about an upcoming move (to TX) and also thinking I've found the perfect fall nail polish!

That's it! Happy Friday, Happy Fall and Roll Tide Roll!!

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The Mrs. said...

OMG I need to be a workout queen! God help me!! I can't fit in anything! Moving to Texas!!??