Monday, October 21, 2013

iPhone Picture dump

Pretty sure I stole this idea from some other blogs, but it is a great way to get all those random pics in another place other than your phone!

My pretty girl during the summer with her hair nice and curled. Pretty sure she is wearing makeup too! Hmph.

Honey skipped the Pioneer Village over the weekend. This is what he did for 2 hours.

Ready to score! 

My view from my Arc Trainer at the gym on Friday! She climbed for 45 minutes!

My Honey :)

Nice kick and score at practice!

Working on her pullover at gymnastics!

Her "must-have" from the book fair. 

This is a fuji apple. It was terrible. I'm on the honey crisp bandwagon. Guilty. 

Random I know, but at least I can have these off of my phone!


InsLady said...

HoneyCrisp apples are my alltime fav! If you haven't tried the Envy Apples they are pretty good too:) Have a great week!Sophia is such a beauty. Growing up so fast.

Laura said...

That rock climbing wall is amazing! Wish our gyms around here had one. Is that the new gym that Honey gave you a membership to?

I got my pants from Cato. Cheap. I wasn't sure I was going to like them at first because they are more brown than green, but I love them. The boots I had on were from Target. Again, cheap.

Jodee said...

Phone dump posts are the best! Just real life!

Honey crisp apples are our favorite too -- dipped in caramel, of course!

I would love to meet up when you are in town, however, we are hosting a birthday/football party that day! Boo hoo! You will have soooo much fun! Let me know if you need anything. I could easily get you cheap parking for the game! Just let me know.

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