Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meal Plan recap - Hits and Misses

Well Honey's travel schedule caused me to veer off the path a little last week. But here's quick rundown of items I did cook.

Monday - Wednesday - random meals of chicken breasts and roasted broccoli.
Thursday - Lazy Day Casserole - this was a HIT - though I would add more sausage because you will be left with a ton of veggies!

Saturday - we smoked a pork butt and had pulled pork sandwiches and this yummy corn casserole.

Sunday - Honey wanted me to make the most popular recipe on the internet, so I did. Of course he really doesn't even like lasagna but this he LOVED!

For dessert I finally got on the Pioneer Woman's Apple Dumpling bandwagon. Oh my - these were amazing!!

Monday -  I used the leftover pork and made this "chili". It was SO-SO.

This week the plan is:

Tuesday - Famous garlic chicken and brussel sprouts with bacon.

Wednesday - Jamaican jerk chicken with coconut rice.

Thursday - Leftovers or BLT

Friday - Sloppy joes and fries

Saturday - dinner out

Sunday - crockpot roast and veggies

How is  your meal planning going?

Check out all of my meal plans on Pinterest.

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Taylor Jeavons said...

I have been doing the meal plans for a few weeks now and they're helpful, but I still sit there staring at the paper wondering what to add to my plan, so this is helpful! Happy to be your newest follower!