Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cheer Clinic

Today was such a great day! This morning I went out to pic up or local newspaper from the drive and decided to look at it right then. On the 2nd page was an ad for a free 2-hour cheer clinic at a local studio. So I called and left a message to see if they could still take a registration. They called me back and said yes, so this afternoon from 1-3 Sofia went to her 1st clinic. It was great and she did really good--for a while. Now for those of you who know us, you know Sofia wakes up with the sun basically. Today i think she slept till 6:15. On the weekends, she still naps usually from 1-3 so I was kind of worried. On the way there she fell asleep in the car for about 10 minutes. She like the jumps and did really good but was afraid to stand on the other girls during the stunts. No biggie. As time went on, she did start chewing on the string to her shorts, watching herself in the mirror instead of looking at the coaches, covering her face with her shirt, etc. None the less, at 3pm the parents were allowed to come into the studio and they whole group perfomed to music. In the video she did the 2 jumps and her front role (though you can't see it very well on the video) but you can see the tiredness/lack of enthusiasm as she moves about! Oh well, it was only her first time and 2 hours is along time. She said she like it but she was tired. She did say she wanted to do it again though! It made me happy and I had little visions of her doing backhand springs and basket tosses in my head! As I type this she is fast asleep in her bed!

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