Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Goodwill Trip Take #2

So we just popped back into the Goodwill on Sunday. We dropped some things off and well we might as well go in, right? Nothing extra special. Below is what I found:

  • large punch bowl with 7 cups, $4.50 (I will add mismatched cups to this as I find them)
  • 2 Blue Ridge plates in mint condition, $1.99
  • 4 large ceramic white ware very ornate mugs, .99
  • S & P shakers, stoneware, .99
  • mixed bag of goodies for Sofia, .99
  • galvanized bucket to save for Sofia's birthday party decor, .99
  • cowboy hat for party decor, .99

I believe that was it. Nothing too grand. No pictures.

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Laura said...

Hi Bama Girl in AZ! I'm Bama Girl in LA and I found your blog through Kelly!

Your little girl, Sofia, is adorable! She is so pretty!

I enjoyed so much your blog about her first day of school (WOW, you guys start early!)! My three year old, Alise, starts on the 13th and we had her Pre-K3 orientation last night at her new school. You'll have to read my post later.

Come visit me when you get a chance!