Monday, August 4, 2008

First Day of School

Well, today is the last first day of preschool. Sofia slept in pretty late this morning--well for her that is, 6:30. I got her dressed (much to her surprise it was not a dress). She wore a cute little Ragsland Capri set and pink bow of course. We got to school and she declared that naps were too long at this school! Whatever that means. She saw one of her teachers in the parkingl ot and of course the teacher spoke to her (as did her daughter) and Sofia hid behind me. So not off to such a great start. We got inside and found her cubby, took pictures of her on her first day and then the tears started. I am so over the tears at school. I mean I feel sad, because it truly is because she loves to be where I am but I mean now come on, it is the same school, room and teachers. So anyhow, I called later to check on her and the tears of course stopped as soon as I left. She is in the older classroom this year (YEAH!) so no more being the oldest with the youngest. Her teacher is Ms. Becky (who I have not met yet). She took her lunch today and will for the rest of this week since she will only be there Mon-Wed of this week--we leave for Las Vegas on Thursday. So all in all I hope the tears will end soon and things should be great! I have pictures below of her from her first morning!

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