Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thrift finds for this week

Well, you know I was gone for 5 days without the thrift store, so of course I have been twice this week! I am working on a few projects for my downstairs guest bedroom and I am on the hunt! Here is what I have found this week:

  • awesome green ceramic over metal drink dispenser with lid - $4.99

  • clear dishes (15) to match or use with punch bowl for the shower I am hosting - $9.00

  • 7 cups and 9 saucers for Sofia's tea party - .69 - .99 each piece

  • more lovely cream ware platters and mugs - .69-1.99 each piece

  • large ride on stuffed horse for Sofia - $4.99

  • 4 plate pads with English Fox Hunting Scenes - 1.99 for 4 (these will hang on my den wall)

  • bag of 10 baby toys for our baby - Buttons - 1.49

  • couple of other nic nacs - .99 - 1.99

  • Red pillows for formal chairs in living room - 2.99 each

  • 2 small gold frame pics - .99 each (I need the frames for my downstairs bath - I am replacing the pics with statue pics I took in Vegas)

  • plastic serving tray with Currier and Ives New England Summer print on it - 2.99

  • small bird statue - 1.99 (boutique tag on bottom for $58)

  • punch glass to add to collection - .69

  • glass tea canister - .99

Now, if you are thinking to yourself, gee she shops a lot, where does all that go? Is she a pack rat? The answer is, I am constantly recycling at my house--the interiors that is. Right now in my garage I have a HUGE pile to take to the Goodwill. Then I just by other things and try them out! Hey, its for a good cause, right? I also do some selling of these items on eBay and at a consignment shop so some of it is for resale. I'm actually doing really good not being a pack rat. I will admit to being that before, but not this time. The new house is just not big enough for that!

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Laura said...

I won't believe you until I actually see pictures of your house with all these nice, "new" decorations!!