Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gymnastics...I mean serious gymnastics

Sofia had her first "real" gymnastics class yesterday at Aspire Gymnastics ( ). WOW. This place is huge and the instructor was really great. She had a really good time. The class is 55 minutes long and when she came out her head was wet with sweat! The started off in the small kids area with balance beam work (forward, sideways and backwards). She fell once because she was trying to rush through it too quickly. They then moved on to tumbles, low bar flips and hand stands. Next they went out onto the main floor where all the big kids were. I was shocked! The parents get to go upstairs and look down through viewing windows. There must have been 100 kids of all ages at least on the floor. Sofia and her group got to practice running on the trampoline and jumping into the "pit"--the large hole filled with foam that the kids fall down into from the rings and high bars. She was having a blast. I am so impressed with this facility. Afterwards she wanted to pick out a new leotard so we went into the pro shop and she picked out a purple velour with silver firework-type splashes of color all over. I was not able to take tons of pictures due to the glare and then upstairs I did not take any, will do so next week.

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