Friday, August 15, 2008

My little Ballerina

Ballet/Tap class started today and Sofia was so excited. We are going to our YMCA for classes. She had a really great time,but she is very excited about gymnastics on Tuesday. She is attending an excellent facility nearby that has trained gymnasts upto the pre-Olympic level as well as cheerleaders (hint, hint Sofia!!). So we went and picked out new outfits for ballet and gymnastics as well as new ballet and tap shoes this week. Whew, thank heavens for grandparents!!! Soccer will start next month, so it looks like we will be busy. It is nice, that ballet is at the Y, because I can get my run in while she is in class. Parents watch from the outside of the room so in the video you really can't hear anything. Oh and of course after that we took a ton of stuff to the Goodwill and you know, looked around and found a couple of must haves--I'll post those tomorrow.

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