Thursday, August 7, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

So we are off to Las Vegas today. We are driving since it is not too bad of a drive (5 hours). We will be there until Monday. The plan is to swim, shop, eat and repeat! We always go to the outlets there and I make a beeline to where??? Why Strasburg Children of course! It is my one opportunity in the Western United States to stock up on clothing for my child. So I am practicing my credit card swipe right now! I will have plenty of pictures to share when we get back. Of course I had already packed my luggage but then made a small stop yesterday at Kohl's and Ross and pretty much got a whole new vacation wardrobe! So have a great weekend everyone and I will post pics on Monday!


Laura said...

Have fun in Vegas!!!

Remind me to tell you later about my OE plan that went down the drain yesterday!!!

CathyBB said...

Hi, Bama Girl. I saw your post on Kelly's Korner about cute baby clothes and I just had to come here and say "thanks" for the big smile you put on my face! =) I consider the cute baby clothes must-have items, too! That was really cute. Have a great trip!