Friday, August 29, 2008

Show & Tell Fridays

Every Friday is show and tell for Sofia's school. Last week she took a scrapbook page of her and Buttons (our dog) and shared a story. Today she took her My Twinn doll, Mia. Since Mia was dressed in her horseback riding gear, Sofia decided she should wear her riding clothes to school too. So she wore her riding pants, boots and just a pink polo to match Mia's pink shirt. they both also wore their hair in matching pony tails. The teachers just loved it! Sofia told about riding horses and that she got Mia for her birthday and that Mia has green eyes like Sofia and they have a lot of matching clothes!

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Laura said...

Gosh, they DO look just alike!! Is Mia an American Girl doll? I would LOVE for Alise to start liking them, but she's never been one to play with dolls that much (much to her Mom's disappointment!!) I am so glad that Show & Tell went so well! That was a neat idea to dress alike!

Are you ready for the game? I don't know if I told you or not, but you guys - the "other" Bama team - are playing mine and my man's Ala mater today...The ULM Warhawks (when we went to school there, we were the Indians!). Don't hold your breath! ULM beat us - Bama - last year!

Have a great weekend!!