Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fall Activites

With it so hot out, it is very difficult to think about what Fall activities Sofia wants to participate in this year. Right now she has a pre-k etiquette class on one Saturday, a cheerleading clinic on one Saturday (she will then get to perform at a high-school football game) and she wants to do soccer and she says ballet and tap. Wow. Luckily the first two are only one Saturday each.

The first day of school is tomorrow and I am sad because this will be Sofia's last year of preschool. But then I think about the $7K+ I have spent each year since 2004 and I am sort of like....BRING ON THE FREE SCHOOL!! Next year I will finally be free of the huge expense of preschool. Of course, I will still have to pay for afterschool care, but I can handle the $150-200 per month as opposed to $600+.

I let Sofia pick all of her own clothes out last week when she was at the home daycare so that she would feel in charge before the school year starts. I have already had to prepare her for the return of smocked dresses, bows and nice sandals--no more flip flops!! She really wasn't very excited. So I decided on the first day to ease her into it with a nice little capri outfit. Oh, and a big bow of course! I will post pictures tomorrow of the first day.

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