Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sometimes it pays to be late

So today at about 10:50 I got in the car to go to the grocery for laundry detergent. On my way out of the neighborhood, I saw a yardsale sign. So I did what you are naturally supposed to do....I made a u-turn and went in the direction. Boy am I glad I did. You see, at 10:50 in the morning, that is waaay to late to go yardsale shopping, especially here with it 110 degrees. So I spent $25 and below you can see what I got. I did not have cash so I made a pile asked her a price, and she told me so I said I would be back with the money. When I came back, about 20 minutes later, they were packing up and she said, anything else you want, we will make you a good deal. So of course, I decided to look around. Then another lady said, anything else you want you can HAVE IT! Man I love that! So of course, I found a few more things I really needed!! Well, you know what I mean!

  • maple kids rocking chair (in Sofia's room)
  • 10 pillows and one needlepoint pillow cover (4 in living room)
  • 3 small pic franes
  • one oval white mirror (which is already hanging in Sofia's bathroom)
  • large hunt scene picture (tag on back still for $85)
  • red floral arrangement in black urn ( on table beside sofa)
  • white iron fruit basket (already holding apples on kitch counter)
  • 2 pieces of decorative white iron (one is in Sofia's bathroom hiding lamp cord)
  • small white iron flower finial (already up in Sofia's bathroom holding mirror)
  • silver container with lid (for bathroom I think)
  • silver ice bucket (waiting for an occasion)
  • large aged metal bucket (put away to use on Sofia's bday cowgirl party tablescape)
  • 10 pieces of gymboree clothing (probably for ebay) (already in the wash)
  • white with blue cracks pitcher and basin (in master bedroom)
  • 2 tension rods
  • white iron acorn (in master bedroom with others in collection)
  • 3 holiday wooden signs
  • one large wicker basket (now holding sofia's new tea set)
  • large sea shell (authentic--they sellers were from CA) (in master bath toilet room)
  • king size bed skirt
  • stuffed guinea pig for sofia (on Sofia's bed)

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Laura said...

Your thriftiness is killing me!! How come I can't be so lucky?