Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jenna's Comment Challenge - Christmas in July

Hi everyone! I'm teaming up with Jenna's comment Challenge again today, and its all about Christmas! Be sure to check out her blog.

I gotta admit, I'm not a HUGE Christmas fan. I like the decorating and cooking, but am not hugely into it. Not sure why. Anywho, so instead of talking about presents and such, I thought I would talk about 2 of my recent favorite memories!

Christmas 2011, Sofia and I travelled to Decatur, AL (1st time in 4 years) and surprised my family 2 days before Christmas Eve! No one knew!! We showed up on their doorstep around 6:30 (when I knew my Dad would be home from work). We knocked on the door, my Mom answered and we jumped out and said "Merry Christmas". She almost passed out! They were shocked!!! It was a wonderful Christmas. I had shipped presents and Sofia and I had made those knotted fleece blankets for my parents, we baked stuff, it was wonderful! I got to see my neices, siblings and some old friends. Overall one of my best Christmases ever!

And then last year The Honey and I went to Sonoma for the Christmas holiday (our kiddos were with their "other" parents). It was lovely. We laughed, we ate some yummy pastry, we drank some crappy red wine (we don't like red really), visited Alcatraz, hiked in the beautiful Muir Woods, walked across the bridge, and visited San Fran.. It was so much fun and romantic. We got a couples massage and one day in the rain, relaxed in the hot tub (it was in the 40's outside). What memories!


Brittney said...

That sounds like the perfect vacation!

Karmen said...

Such fun memories! I bet you parents were beside themselves. I would have loved to see their faces.

Jennifer Vanzant said...

Wow such beautiful pictures!! Stopping by from Jennas Journey!

Leslie said...

I'm here from Jenna's Journey. I love the story about the Christmas surprise.