Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap and Monday errands

It's Monday, so time to reflect on the weekend! Even a weekend where we didn't do much seems to fly by! UGH!

 Friday night I picked Sofia up at the airport. Background: Sofia's Dad lives in TX, each summer she spends 6 weeks with him. This was the first year she has flown (alone) to see him. She flew from PHX to San Antonio so just a 2 hour direct flight. She LOVED it. She got tons of special attention, etc. Anyway, she came back Friday night and I was SO happy to see her! Here she is right after she got off the plane!

She spent a lot of time catching up with her "girls". That makes me and my wallet happy!

 The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent being lazy. Saturday we worked on finalizing our RV trip (we leave Friday), hung out by the pool a little ( I drank too much wine) and then had Thai take out. A lazy but fun day together. Sofia was invited to a friend's house for a sleepover and let me tell you, she could not get there fast enough! She loves her friend Sam - who sadly is moving to Utah this week. Boo! 

 What else did I do this weekend? Well, I made some yummy whit chocolate mocha in the Mr. Coffee fancy pants machine. It was yummy and the recipe is here. For Dinner last night I found this wonderful pin for fruit cobbler. So easy and very good! Of course it's from Southern Living and well, you can't really go wrong there!The Fam enjoyed and I think you will to!

 I've been a Pinterest crazy person the past few days prepping our menu for the trip (which I'm calling: The Great American Adventure). Our goal is to cook/grill every meal with the exception of one or two. We are eating lunch at Old Faithful Inn and that is the only planned meal to be eaten "out". I'm making lists like you would not believe! Then I'm going to whip up a little menu to take on the trip with us, just to be cute! We will also have plenty of snacks and such to keep everyone happy. I hope! So just what is The Great American Adventure? Well, let me tell you! We are leaving our house Friday and headed to Moab, UT. We'll check out Arches National Park after we take a little trip down the river. After Moab, we are off to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. Boy do we have some awesome stuff planned for the kids! Bear parks, rafting, zip lines, hiking and more! Can't wait! I so want to see a Moose! Fingers crossed!! No one plans a vacation like My Honey and well, I love to give my 2 cents worth! We make a pretty good team! I'll make all the lists and he figues out the logistics! I handle all the domestic stuff and well he, keeps on track and moving! We are renting the RV (go to Craigslist - NOT one of those overpriced RV rental places)and My Honey got an awesome deal! I'm excited to sort of make it our own little home on wheels for a while! Stay tuned for tons of pics from our adventure! I also did school supply shopping and I don't know about y'all, but our Wal-Mart was not good. So many things she needs, they didn't have. I'm actually going to go by CVS (I've got a coupon) and see if the options are better there. I mean really, finding a red folder with pockets and prongs shouldn't be this hard. Right?

Today after work I took Sofia for a hair cut. She was happy to lose some length.

We then headed back to Wal-Mart (UGH) to start our Great American Adventure shopping. We took care of most of the dry goods. Sofia says "it's SO much!"

We also took a minute to say "Hi" to Willy. I totally love DD. 

Do you menu plan for the week? We sorta do, but I've decided we have to get better. This is our plan for the week: Chiken Divan, Mongollian Beef, Chicken Wings and fries and Thursday night we will eat out or get to-go so we don't dirty up the house before we leave Friday morning!

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Laura said...

Another road trip??

And, yes! Blogger is giving me fits, too. It was really spazzing out a few weeks ago. I mean, I couldn't blog or upload pics or anything. Seems to be back to the same ol', same ol'. Ugh! Makes me so mad!