Saturday, July 27, 2013

Magical Maui Vacation - Part 5, 6

Back with more Maui pics after participating in Jenna's fun commenting challenge this week!

This was sort of a lazy day.

We started off our day with a yummy Cinnamon roll from Cinnamon Roll Fair. Huge and big enough to share! Then we snorkeled a little before heading over to Iao Valley State Park to see the needle and then we hopped into the rushing water to cool off and take pics. Thank goodness for the tripod and automatic timer. Even though I do get a little embarrased sometimes as we take lots of pics. But Honey is right, better to take a few minutes with the tripod and get a decent pic that trust that a random stanger will get a good one of us.

The next day had us waking up at 2:10am to go to see the Sunrise at Haleakala. It was beyond beautiful. It was also very cold!!


Laura said...

Soooo jealous!

I have an easy peasy peach cobbler recipe as well, but I just wasn't even in the mood this weekend for easy peasy!

I saw all of Sofia's AG dolls on FB this weekend. HOLY COW! Has she got a small posse or what?

You need to join Bloglovin and add the button to your blog so I can follow you. The only way I can now is if you leave a comment on my blog. Google reader bit the dust.

Have a good week!

Bama Girl in AZ said...

k - I'm on bloglovin. I'll go figure out how to add the button!