Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Magical Maui Vacation - Part 7 - Giddy Up

On this day we headed back over towards Hana in reverse to ride horses at Maui Stables. It was a beautiful day and the trail ride was nice. However, I was at the front of the pack and Harrison was almost at the end. They did this based on riding skill and horse preference.  I didn't like that. No pictures of us together or anything. Oh well. I love horses so any trail ride makes me happy.

I can't remember my horses name. Something Hawaiian. Harrison reminded my of Dudley Do Right on his big Clydesdale.


Karmen said...

I'm so enjoying your posts about Hawaii! I've never been. All of the pictures you've posted are beautiful and it seems like y'all had a blast!

Laura said...

Blogger. Will. Not. Work. PO'ed!

Read somewhere that I need to upgrade to Google Chrome. How the hell do you do that? Are you still having problems, too?

Bama Girl in AZ said...

Laura - yes and of course at work we can't have google chrome. UGH!