Monday, July 22, 2013

This is me!

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! I'm Whitney (aka Bama) and I've been blogging for a while now but I just recently started back after a little hiatus.

So I'm from Decatur, AL but for the last (let's pause now for the annoucement for the birth of HIS Royal Highness) 13 years, I have lived in Phoenix, AZ. I miss the SOUTH!

I'm almost 37, divorced (but currently dating the true love of my life - I call him Honey) and the mom to one feisty, bold, brave almost 10 year old, Sofia. She keeps me busy and on my toes! I do my best to try to keep her Southern, down to earth and nice and sweet. But boy, that is a hard job!

Sofia stays busy with dance, gymnastics, soccer and her ipad. Lord have mercy this child loves to watch Netflix on the ipad. I've got plans to curb that when the school year starts back.

I love to craft, shop, cook, eat, run, hike, camp and spend time with my family. I'll call myself a true runner, but I must admit I take long breaks from running which makes it SO hard to start back up.

I'm also a BIG time SEC fan. ROLLLLL Tide ROLL! Funny story: as a kid, I cheered for Auburn. Heck, I even own Auburn Tervis cups. But soon after moving away, I just decided I really wanted to be a Bama fan. So I switched. However, I do cheer for any and all SEC fans when I can. Honey is a Nebraska alumni so I cheer for them as well. Of course, they are no Alabama (but don't tell him I said that). At least they both wear red and that's my favorite color!

Now back to the Royal Baby, I totally thought it was gonna be a girl! Oh well! Thanks for stopping buy and I hope you'll come back! I love adding new blogs to my reader as they entertain mean while I should be working.

Right now I'm in the midst of posting about our recent trip to Maui and coming up soon Yellowstone RV Trip! Woo Hoo!!

Sofia at her dance recital last year (aka my skinny picture that I have 17 lbs away from).


Laura said...

You look A-mazing, Whit! And I'm sooo glad you are blogging again! Missed you!

Roll Tide, Girl! So glad you chose the better team!!

Brittney said...

Hey girl! You and your girl are too cute! One of my best friends lives in Decatur now. A fun little place.

Anna & Kirby said...

Stopping over from Jenna's...
37!! You don't look 37 at all! Good picture of you girls :)

Jennifer said...

I thought she was having a girl too??

Sarah said...

I'm so glad to see you blogging again! I used to follow along and hope you keep it up! :) Stopping by from the comment challenge!