Thursday, July 18, 2013

Magical Maui Vacation - Part 2

It's scuba time! This was my first time. Last year was the first time I had snorkeled. Have I mentioned I really don't even like to get in the ocean? ((Jaws))

However, I have gotten brave and on July 4th we set off to Lahaina to scuba! The stuff weighs SO much. WOW. I could no wait to get in the water. Between the tight wetsuit and the weight of the tank I was ready to fall over! Once we got in the water, we went slowly down with our guide. MAN - my ears hurt SO bad! So much so, the guide brought me back up to chat with me. We waited a minute or so then went back down. I was better this time. My Honey came down next and we started to swim around. Thank goodness he was holding my hand. I was a little panicky.  Then our guide motions for us to go back up to the surface - he was out of air! UGH!! So we all had to go back to the beach, wait for him and then go down again. This time we walked out and went under and slowly got deeper. This was much better for my ears - however - the damage was already done. It's been almost 2 weeks and my right ear is still messed up.  Oh well, it was pretty fun once I relaxed. How about you? Have you scubaed? If so, where is your favorite spot?

After our scuba adventure, we shopped around Lahaina, had lunch and a shave ice (from Ululani's - supposed to be the best on the island. I disagree.)

This is the Banyan Tree. It is crazy big and very interesting.

My surprise for my Honey was to take a sunet cruise (Trilogy) for July 4th to watch the fireworks from the water. It was beautiful. We had burgers, dogs and apple pie...along with a couple of Mai Tais! We watched a beaufitul sunset and then enjoyed the fireworks. How did you spend your 4th?

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