Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Randoms

It actually rained in AZ today which resulted in 67% humidity which for us, is outrageous! I went for a run and it was pretty rough.  I've forgotten what the humidity is like!

We started our day off with a massage at a local resort and then had yummy pho for lunch. The rain kept us from enjoying the pool (which came with our Travelocity massage deal), but they gave us a rain check for that part! The massage was great. Technically I'm not a lover of massages. But even I enjoyed today. I like to go because my Honey needs all the stress reduction he can get!

On another note, it's back to school shopping time. I'll admit, last year I slacked. I sorta fell away from my sweet, southern style for Sofia. I let her pick out a lot of her clothes and well become more mainstream. This year I'm getting back on track - for the most part. I'm going to let her pick some outfits, but I['m picking the majority.

She LOVES these shoes. So I got her a pair. Paired with cute leggings and a monogrammed tee - no problem!

 The 3 outfits above are all from lollywollyedoodle. Love them

The 2 outfits below are from Etsy. SO excited about these!!

These are from a new place I just found out about on Facebook. It's Hailey Ruth. Check em out!

How about you? Is it back to school time yet?


Karmen said...

I found you through Jenna's comment challenge. I'm an Alabama girl too! I love the outfits in this post and all of your Maui pics. So jealous!

Maggie Elizabeth said...

Oh those are all soooo cute!! Those from etsy are fabulous!! I also just found Haley Ruth on FB and was super excited about them! As you know, I love smocked but I have been exploring other options. It was funny, my mom said are you not getting tired of smocked?? haha No but she is getting older!